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Microarchaeology : there is plenty of room in the dirt

par FD - publié le

Microarchaeology : there is plenty of room in the dirt

Formation d’Excellence (en langue anglaise)

Mardi 28 novembre 2017 de 15h30 à17h30 Salle des thèses - MLR001

Microarchaeology : there is plenty of room in the dirt

par Michael Toffolo
IRAMAT/CRP2A (Junior Research Chair)

The sediment matrix in which archaeological materials are buried, and the materials themselves, are often the product of specific past human activities. These activities may be traced by looking closely at the dirt excavated from archaeological sites. In fact, there is a lot of information embedded in sediments and artifacts that can significantly improve our understanding of past human behavior. This is the microscopic archaeological record, everything that cannot be seen by the naked eye and therefore requires the use of instrumentation in order to reveal it. This lecture will explore some of the most recent advances in the study of human biological and cultural evolution through the lens of microarchaeology, touching upon extremely controversial issues, such as controlled use of fire by early humans, debated chronologies of biblical sites, and more.